welcome to housebound!

last month, as a late birthday gift i got a switch and animal crossing. since then, i've fallen in love with the game, which is why i decided to make a page for this game, centering on my very own island called housebound! but you probably already knew that. i named housebound on a play on words on the infamous webcomic homestuck.

my friend code is SW-3386-2286-2123, if you are so inclined to add me ^_^

housebound basics

  • established: december 2020
  • flag of housebound: click to see it here
  • anthem of housebound: lady gaga's bad romance (don't sue me it's transformative)
  • resident representative: yours truly ;)
  • housebound rating: three stars out of five
  • location: southern hemisphere
  • places to visit: the downtown village, residential area, the playground, picinic pavillion, and le parc de fleur. more to come!
  • island fruit: oranges

neighbors and friends of housebound


past residents:


map (coming soon)

february 2021 log (goals and plans)

  • raise enough bells for more inclines and the last bridge. i want to toss my ladder and vaulting pole into the trash!
  • finish the residential flower field. in front of the majority of villagers' homes, there is an enormous field with a variety of flowers, but it's not complete yet, and i have to finish gardening.
  • plant more cosmos on the cliffs as well as around the newly constructed paths.

october 2021 log

  • SO EXCITED THE UPDATE COMING IN NOVEMBER!!! i don't think i'll buy the paid dlc but oh well. farming is just what acnh and i'm so excited to get busy :3 also one of the new hairstyles looks like mine so i can't wait to make my villager more accurate to what i actually look like.
  • now for the updates on housebound...well, all inclines and bridges have been made ^_^ the parc de fleur has been completed and i'm happy with how it looks! i've also been playing around with terraforming some more as well as building fences in some areas. for halloween i've been setting up some spooky decor around housebound.
  • i've begun investing in the stalk market, but it's a bit of a work in progress for now. to be continued.


pixel sprites // you can check out the villager sprites i put in housebound stats! very cute, i'd recommend if you also have or want an animal crossing page.

staff pixel sprites // here's where i found the pixel sprites for the "staff." i know they're not really "staff" but they kind of feel like staff of my island, they supply me with resources, and i don't know what to call them that's not npc's that aren't villagers. you can also find other cute pixel stuff on this tumblr.

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