my log for all the movies, series, etc. i've watched over the past year, as well as some comments.


spiderman: no way home (2021)

holy shit this movie was worse than my expectations. and i had LOW expectations. you see, i was never big on marvel movies and i had never understood the appeal. but this garbage? god it was downright terrible. it was cheesy, cliche, bad dialogue, questionable acting, barely entertaining. my friend who likes marvel took me to see it in theaters and it was a waste of my time (the movie, i mean. i love hanging out with my friends). also, a lot of superhero movies are just plain old military propaganda so there's that. its only saving grace was zendaya (she's hot and cool). the only other positive i can think of is that the cgi was pretty nice, so kudos to the underpaid animators who worked tirelessly on that.


fantastic mr. fox (2009)

i rewatched this childhood favorite because it's very fall and i don't want to let fall go away. it makes me pretty nostalgic and its always an enjoyable watch, and it also so happens to be the reason why foxes are my favorite animal. also, something i noticed while watching was that ash is very autistic coded. like it's not even subtle, it's so damn obvious. you can't fight me on this, i'm right goddamnit!!


squid game (2021)

who hasn't watched squid game nowadays? i decided to jump on the bandwagon and give this show a whirl, and i actually really enjoyed it! some people have already started talking about a season two, but i don't understand why there needs to be a season two. there wasn't really any major cliff hangers, the story is over and done with. it's gotten its message across. overall i thought its critique of capitalism was interesting, but it's not like it's not something i haven't seen before.

over the garden wall (2014)

a charming little series ^_^ i'm so glad my friend introduced me to this show, and to be frank it made me so happy that october is finally here.

JULY 2021

the walten files (2020-)

unfortunately, i found this little webseries through tiktok. this series makes me super nostalgic, but not for the reasons you'd think! when i was a kid, i used to love fnaf. i really love the walten files' spin on the chuck e. cheese horror genre, and i can't wait to see where it goes.

jojo's bizarre adventure: diamond is unbreakable (2016)

i began to rewatch this part and it's just as fantastic as i remembered.

JUNE 2021

end of evangelion (1997)

i caved and watched neon genesis evangelion and all i got was this stupid shirt.

bojack horseman (2014-2020)

where do i even begin.

bo burnham: inside (2021)

movies don't usually make me weep, but i was sniffling during inside. wonderful social commentary and definitely bo burnham's best special.

unabomber: in his own words (2020)

a really interesting look into the unabomber case, i recommend it to anyone who doesn't know much about ted kaczynski and wants to learn more.

MAY 2021

local 58 (2017)

a horror webseries that scared the shit out of me. it's best to go in blind, but of course check the content warnings.

dirty girls (2000)

a documentary about the "dirty girls", a group of middle school girls in the '90s who were mocked by their classmates for being gross and not conforming to the status quo. this movie actually really resonated with me. however, i can't lie that the fact that a rumor about one of the girls that she hadn't showered since kurt cobain died was pretty hilarious (and also very '90s).

FALL 2020

fargo (1996)

my dad actually recommended this movie to me, since at the time he was watching the fargo series. it's a peculiar little film, but if i'm being honest it didn't leave a huge impression on me.

hereditary (2018)

donnie darko (2001)

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