WELCOME TO THE HEN'S COOP: A shrine to Kazuya Hyoudou.

Kazuya Hyoudou is the son of the head of a wealthy corporation, Kazutaka Hyoudou, who rules Teiai with an iron fist. He's a rather peculiar character, and an even more peculiar villain in the world of Kaiji. Kaiji is an ongoing series by Fukumoto Nobuyuki, which has been in the making for over 20 years now! It centers around the gambling exploits of a man named Kaiji Itou, who is deeply in debt with a devastating gambling addiction, trying to find his way out of debt and taking any chance he can, including risking his own life and freedom.

Kazuya, the man of the hour, enters the series as spectator of another gamble in the third part of the series. His personality and whole schtick is later developed in the fourth and fifth parts, Kazuya-hen and One Poker-hen. He is entirely shrouded in mystery when he makes his first appearance, as an indifferent but ill-intentioned bystander to the minefield mahjong game. This appearance also establishes him as a sadist, as he enjoys the suffering and anxiety and utter agony Kaiji and Muraoka go through as they gamble their spendings. And, fortunately or unfortunately, it establishes him as one of my favorite villains and characters in the Kaiji universe! I find him very fascinating, both in the context of the story, out of the story, and his contrast and parallels with other characters.

And of course, spoilers ahead!